Creative Challenge Exhibition Week_Gary Waterworth Owen's talk, Wednesday 25th march at 18.00

Does design and desire to help do more harm than good?

Everyone wants to think that they are doing good for the world but how can you be sure that what you are doing is having the right impact or even making things worse?

Find out by registering  for Gary Waterworth Owen’s talk which will take place at the Creative Challenge Exhibition Week , on Wednesday 25th March at 18.00 at the Ugly Duck, Tanner St, London SE1. Gary is an artist, author, adventurer and social entrepreneur and will share with you the pitfalls of having the right motivation but taking the wrong action. To make positive impact, design and development must be integrated and comprehensive in scope and scalability, and include all aspects of cultural, social, environmental and economic issues. Get the whole picture when you book up for this talk. The talk is free, and of course you can enjoy the other activities taking place.

There are only a few places left, so book yours now here.